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The conference continues in the tradition of meetings since 1998 and the current event is the 12th of this series.

Conference topics:
• Physics and Chemistry of Atomically Clean Surfaces
• Physics and Chemistry of Surface and Interface Defect States
• Physics and Chemistry of Ultra-and Very-Thin Film Growth
• Physics and Chemistry of Interfaces with Ultra- and Very-thin Films
• Role of Interfaces in LTS and HTS Structures
• New Approaches at Formation and Investigation of Ultra- and Very-thin Films
• Low Temperature Plasma- and Low Energy Ion-Surface Interactions Related with Formation of Thin Films
• Nanotechnology and Nanostructured Materials
• Nanostructures in Cryoelectronics
• Single- and Multi-layer Based Devices and Applications
• Role of Negative Ions in Thin Film Growth
• Thin Film-based Photovoltaic and MOSFET Devices

We would like to thank to agencies VEGA and APVV for their financial support.
In addition we express many thanks to company Jelly Advertising and Laxton s.r.o.